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seconde main in bains::connective, Brussels, 6-7 September 2007


Julien Bruneau: dance
Hugues Warin: music

This dance music and poetry project confronts two “monologues”, one from a dancer and the other one from a musician, each one of them being autonomous, a distinct point of view of the same situation.

One of the specificities of the literary form of the monologue is to show a moving thought which stands in the course of passing time, just as the body does. Erasures, incoherences, digressions, rifts are not rocks on which the process stops, but necessary stages to go through.

6 september 2007

Butterflies, Sex & Hypochondria

Ines Birkhan: dance
Silvia Platzer: music

Butterflies, sex & hypochondria is a series of dance works of Ines Birkhan using this title – her personal understanding of how social repression of physicality can be opposed through performance – in a programmatic way.

She conceived the constitutive elements of this dance performance in order to create the conditions to keep building for herself a wild and beautiful becoming.

To share this process with the audience, this stage of the project involves the creation of a fictional character embodying a femininity built from personal experience and cultural models and freely released on stage.

7 september 2007

seconde main

improvisation project proposed by Julien Bruneau

Brynjar Bandlien (dance)
David Bausseron (music)
Julien Bruneau
Bertram Dhellemmes
Dolores Hulan (dance)
Anouk Llaurens (dance)
Sylvia Platzer (music)
Armand van der Hammer (dance)
Hugues Warin (music)

seconde main is a dance and music instant composition project proposed by Julien Bruneau.

During these two evenings, dancers and musicians from Brussels, Berlin and Lille will propose their work based on a common desire to explore further the moment when an exchange between artist and audience happens.

Each evening will present different compositions in which music and dance claim their mutual autonomy, interconnect through changing relations and try to unfold the potential diversity of the group.

6-7 September 2007

Rue Berthelotstraat 34
1190 Vorst|Forest - Brussels