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In Girum... #4 flyer

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In girum #4 in Dock 11, Berlin, 13>16 March 2008

To struggle

Diego Chamy:
dance | Robin Hayward: music

Robin Hayward and Diego Chamy’s work is based on an improvisation of non-reaction, in which the apparent discourse between the two artists turns out to be two separated series of events, each taking place in solitary confinement. This impracticable communication acts as a starting point for a kind of drama, where the stage becomes a diagonal line in which different kinds of events are thrown: concentrations and dispersions of the space-time provided by a percussive and noise-based approach to tuba playing, twisted and out-of-confusion actions and inactions, fake movements, forced displacements and invisible gestures.

Las manos. Son dos

Constanza Brncic: dance - Ferran Fages: music

De pie.
Para no enredarse con la sombra.
La sombra ensambla referencias
equívocas. Cabeza y rodilla,
por ejemplo. O peor,
hombro y objeto sanitario.

De pie.
Para abreviar.

Chantal Maillard, Hilos

Not to tangle with shadow.
Shade joins equivocal referencies. Head and knee,
for exemple. Or worst,
shoulder and sanitary object.

To abbreviate.

* * *

Artistic supervision: Ines Birkhan + Bertram Dhellemmes

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