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Dancing on Ashes (Amsterdam) in 18m Galerie, Berlin | 11 November 2011

Dancing on Ashes (Amsterdam) 

performance / installation by Ines Birkhan and Bertram Dhellemmes
an occurrence of transmedia on-going project Angel Meat

11 november 2011 | 6:00 PM

18m Galerie 
Akazienstr. 30 2. OG
10823 Berlin


Dancing on Ashes in NK, Berlin | 16-17 June 2011.

Dancing on Ashes (Amsterdam) / Dancing on Ashes (circle)

Dancing on Ashes is a multimedia performance series mixing live music and projected narrative texts. An attempt to create a new approach to literature by transposing it into the field of performance arts, it is the backbone of the Angel Meat transmedia project.

Dancing on Ashes (Amsterdam) is a performance-installation staging self-playing music instruments. It tells the story of Yu, a dancer who decides to join the Dancing on Ashes cabaret show.

Dancing on Ashes (Circle) is a music + text performance with Bertram Dhellemmes playing electronics, that will premiere in NK. You will learn about the Triangle Circle, a group of friends to which belong Skullface, one of the main protagonists of Angel Meat.

More information on www.angelmeat.com

Dancing on Ashes (Amsterdam) | 16th June, 10 PM
Dancing on Ashes (Circle) | 17th June, 10 PM

Elsenstrasse 52
2.Hinterhaus Etage 2
12059 Berlin Neukölln


Dancing on Ashes Hardcore Kunst Cabaret in Schwelle 7, 26/27 February 2011

Dancing on Ashes 
Hardcore Kunst Cabaret 

A multimedia revue with strange dance, askew music, dark performances and more, proposed and directed by Bertram Dhellemmes and Felix Ruckert. Come and meet us between worlds!

With the participation of Anna Anderegg, Marco Barotti, Ines Birkhan, Rachel Brooker, Maikel van den Buruku, Cachot an Spielgefahr, Clara, Bertram Dhellemmes, Jessica Peeters, Felix Ruckert, Maurizio Saiu, Andreas Schildbach, Lara Mystic...

Schwelle 7
Uferstrasse 6, HH, 1 Stock
13357 Wedding, Berlin
26-27 February 2011

The Dancing on Ashes performance series is part of Angel Meat