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dance video programme in - able, 24 July 2008

Real Dance Super Sentai proposes two videos showing the dance work of Body Weather practitioners Frank van de Ven and Oguri. Both were part in the 1990s of Min Tanaka's performance company Maijuku - then prolonged their experience into their own dance work, still sharing expressivity, radicality and a strong feeling of here and now.


art film by Nathalie Michel, with Frank van de Ven

"Ci-vit" tells the meeting of a dancer and a location.
A programme having been previously established for the order, duration and the intensity of each part in the different spaces, dancer Frank van de Ven explores and reacts organically to sonic, tactile, meteorological and visual elements of this old disabled factory. The editing respects the chronology of the shooting.

Height of Sky

documentary by Morleigh Steinberg, with Oguri

Prior to moving from Japan to America, acclaimed Butoh dancer Oguri had never seen a desert. When he encountered the unforgiving vastness of the California deserts, Oguri was inspired to undertake a four-year personal and artistic journey, during which he created more than fifty original site-specific dances within and around Joshua Tree National Park. Dancer, choreographer and filmmaker Morleigh Steinberg observes and documents Oguri as he explores the literal and psychic borderlands between the body and the landscape.

curated by
Real Dance Super Sentai

24 July 2008 - 8:00 pm
Hobrechtstraße 28
D-12047 Berlin


In Girum #5 - flyer

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In Girum... #5 in Dock 11, Berlin, 8>11 May 2008


concept/choreography: Rachel Brooker

Music: Laura Mello

Dance: Rachel Brooker
Claudia Ginsberg
Nahid Matin Pour
Christine Mauch
Laura Mello
James Neirinck
Maria Pyatkova
Laura Weiss

Video: Kosei Takasaki

Invitation is an interactive dance work which opens with the words: “This is an invitation to touch anywhere on exposed skin. You are free to touch, or not to touch. Please enter the space". Dancers arrange and rearrange themselves, offering and withdrawing parts of the body as they compose their invitations to the audience. In the words of reviewer Adam Bliss, “As I moved about the installation, I was struck by the tenderness and intense concentration shared by dancers and touchers alike”.

The piece was inspired by the following quote:
Things wabi-sabi are usually small and compact, quiet and inward-oriented. They beckon: get close, touch, relate. They inspire a reduction of the psychic distance between one thing and another thing; between people and things.
Leonard Koren, Wabi-Sabi for Artists, Designers, Poets and Philosophers
Choreographer Rachel Brooker read these words in the Tate Modern café. An image formed- dancers transformed into objects, offered to the audience to be touched, known, experienced. A reduction of the distance between things. Through a season-long rehearsal process and repeated performances the idea has developed and matured into Invitation, a unique and memorable performative proposition.


In Girum... #4 flyer

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In girum #4 in Dock 11, Berlin, 13>16 March 2008

To struggle

Diego Chamy:
dance | Robin Hayward: music

Robin Hayward and Diego Chamy’s work is based on an improvisation of non-reaction, in which the apparent discourse between the two artists turns out to be two separated series of events, each taking place in solitary confinement. This impracticable communication acts as a starting point for a kind of drama, where the stage becomes a diagonal line in which different kinds of events are thrown: concentrations and dispersions of the space-time provided by a percussive and noise-based approach to tuba playing, twisted and out-of-confusion actions and inactions, fake movements, forced displacements and invisible gestures.

Las manos. Son dos

Constanza Brncic: dance - Ferran Fages: music

De pie.
Para no enredarse con la sombra.
La sombra ensambla referencias
equívocas. Cabeza y rodilla,
por ejemplo. O peor,
hombro y objeto sanitario.

De pie.
Para abreviar.

Chantal Maillard, Hilos

Not to tangle with shadow.
Shade joins equivocal referencies. Head and knee,
for exemple. Or worst,
shoulder and sanitary object.

To abbreviate.

* * *

Artistic supervision: Ines Birkhan + Bertram Dhellemmes

more information on ingirumimusnocteetconsumimurigni.blogspot.com


press review

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In Girum... #3 flyer

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