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Den kreisrunden Todengwalzer tanzen + guests in Dock 11, Berlin > 22-29 March 2007

Den kreisrunden Todengwalzer tanzen

dance + text performance

Ines Birkhan: dance, choreography, text
Bertram Dhellemmes: music, video, dramaturgy

a Real Dance Super Sentai joint

Den kreisrunden Todengwalzer tanzen is a dance/text performance that creates a connection of the two media, while they are conveying meaning in different ways.

In the fiction of the text the protagonist finds a way to re-root himself into the toxic ground by falling back on a ritualistic dance form. The dance on stage develops a world of perception articulated to the text and relies on the want for language of the body.

This performance tells a story about potential future, about the transformation of bodies and environment dominated but uncontrolled by technoscience. One could call it science fiction, a fable or philosophical tale.

22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29 March 2007, 8:30 pm

guest acts

vrac pli

choreography and dance: Julien Bruneau

with the help of: Ines Birkhan, Alix de Morant

A walk digs into space. Then a dance arises.
The dance digs into the person dancing. Then a travel arises.
Each moment is a question for the previous moment.
Each moment is bending towards itself to find the lever,
which will pour it into the next one.

vrac pli is a travel towards a travel, rooted in the desire to confront dance practice and work to the musical world of Italian composer Luigi Nono (1924-1990).

a Netwerk (Aalst) production, with the support of asbl VEGA (Brussel), De Pianofabriek (Brussel), Summer Studio’s (Brussel) and Point Ephémère (Paris)

Julien Bruneau is based in Belgium where he first studied visual art. His artistic research led him towards dance, his main activity since then. His current approach to contemporary dance passes by a continuous personal research and practice oncerned by the articulation of body and mind. For several years, he creates his own pieces and collaborates with people involved in various art fields. Beside he is also a performer for other’s project, currently for Stefan Dreher’s company.

22 & 23 March 2007

The Devil in the Ear / Whose body is it, Anyway

A dance improvisation embedded in silence by Katerina Bakatsaki

Katerina Bakatsaki (GR, NL) is a dancer, choreographer, teacher and sworn improviser, based in Amsterdam. Her approach to performance is currently focused on the immersion of the dancing / performing body to the quotidian. She sees dance as an act- of will- at-its-best and works without distinction as much with professional dancers, actors and musicians as with people of all experiences, ages and paths of life. She dances and presents work just about anywhere, from Opera Comique in Paris to downtown streets of Athens and Taipei, to tram stops and private houses in Amsterdam, in their most insignificant and non-dramatic places. As she assumes the principle of The Performer being the Performance, any time is the time and any place is the place.

24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29 March 2007

Dock 11
Kastanienallee 79 10435 Berlin
phone: (004930) 4481222