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Ines Birkhan

Dancer, choreographer and writer, lives and works in Berlin and Vienna. 
Born in Vienna in 1974, she first studied sculpture at the Academy for Applied Arts in Vienna (1994-1997), then dance and choreography at the SNDO (School for New Dance Development) of Amsterdam - graduated in 2003. She complemented the SNDO teachings with extra-European dance techniques (West- and North-Africa traditional dances, butoh, Body Weather…) that helped her to create a very personal dance vocabulary. She received the DanceWeb scholarship in 2000.

Since 2005 she co-directs the performance company Real Dance Super Sentai (den kreisrunden Todengwalzer tanzen, 2006, Die Welt als wilde Vorstellung, 2007, Angel Meat / Dancing on Ashes, 2009-2011…). She also performs her own solo projects (Alpiner Exorzismus, 2004, Butterflies, Sex & Hypochondria, 2007…) and for collaborative projects (with dramaturge Robert Steijn, composer Cecilia Arditto, etc…).

With the company, she had several residencies in France, Belgium and Germany. Together with Bertram Dhellemmes, she conceived and directed a series of video projects combining dance and narrativity (a. o. Alpiner Exorzismus, 2004, Klang zur Stille zum Klang, 2007…), presented in several festivals (a.o. touring with les Rencontres Internationales in Paris, Madrid and Berlin, 2008).

In 2005 she starts to write fiction, integrating her first texts to her stage performances and video installations. In 2007, Peter Lang Verlag (Vienna) published the short story den kreisrunden Todengwalzer tanzen, together with scientific and philosophic essays inspired by the story, and a photos + drawings portfolio. Her first novel Chrysalis was published by Praesens Verlag (Vienna) in October 2009, and her new novel Angel Meat will be released by Neofelis Verlag (Berlin) in spring 2012. She also regularly releases new stories in written or audiovisual form on her own literature blog (http://ines.birkhan.blogspot.com).

She was granted the Akademie Schloss Solitude fellowship in 2009 for the Angel Meat transmedia literature project – with a 6-month residency –, the START Stipendium and Finanzierung von Arbeitsbehelfen from the Bmukk (Austrian Ministry of Culture) in 2010, and a Bundesministerium für Kunst and Kultur literature grant in 2011 for a residence in Malta in 2012 for research on her next novel. 


about Chrysalis 

about Butterflies, Sex & Hypochondria 

Bertram Dhellemmes

Born in Lille, France in 1967, lives and works in Berlin. University studies in visual arts and cinema in Lille and Paris-Sorbonne-St Charles (masters), post-graduate in arts in Studio National des Arts Contemporains du Fresnoy in 1999 (performance and new media section), musical studies and practice since childhood. Resident musician at STEIM (Studio for Electro Instrumental Music) in Amsterdam in 2002, regular resident artist at Nadine, Brussels between 2000 and 2004, resident artist in Schloss Bröllin in 2007 and Akademie Schloss Solitude in 2009-2010.

First works as a visual artist (painting and installations exhibitions, a.o. in Lille, Bourges, Paris, Nantes, Pittsburgh, publishing of photos works), a video artist (video art and video installations, showings in several festivals, a.o. Hérouville-St  Clair, Rennes, Bourges, Helsinki) and a musician (member of several bands of experimental and improvised music, two CDs released on the label Kinpatsu, another one on Even Stilte), then combines these different disciplines to transmedia practice, such as cinema (short movie Partie 0.1, 1998) and transmedia performances (Oudapo, L.I.S.I.M., Ubik, N log h…).

From his performer involvement, studies, trains and works since 1996 with long term dancers of Min Tanaka's butoh company Maijuku, particularly with Christine Quoiraud and Body Weather Amsterdam (Frank van de Ven, Katerina Bakatsaki), and with Min Tanaka himself, a. o. during a stay in Japan in 1999, while also taking butoh classes of Akira Kasai and Kazuo Ohno.

In 2002 he creates the performance company Real Dance Super Sentai (co-directed since 2005 by Ines Birkhan) – combining a radical conception of dance with live music, video and spatial devices, in an on-going transmedia research. In 2007-2008, Real Dance Super Sentai was guest curator in Dock 11, Berlin, for the dance and music instant composition programme In Girum… The company had several residencies in France, Belgium and Germany, a.o. les Ballets du Nord (Roubaix 2002), L’Aéronef (Lille 2003), Small House for Radical Arts (Ghent 2003), Schloss Bröllin (Bröllin 2007).

In 2003 he starts to collaborate closely with Ines Birkhan for stage works such as Of human being as an animal degenerated by intelligence (2003), den kreisrunden Todengwalzer tanzen (2006), Die Welt als wilde Vorstellung (2007) and the Dancing on Ashes series (since 2009), also for videos and video installations such as Alpiner Exorzismus (2004) and the Mythen für die Zukunft series (2006). In 2009, they launched together the transmedia project Angel Meat in the frame of an extended residence in Akademie Schloss Solitude in Stuttgart, producing several videos, performances and an exhibition combining narrative sound and visual installation, videos and narrative texts on posters.

As a performer and stage director, he also collaborated a. o. with Oguri Naoyuki (US), Frank van de Ven (NL), Robert Steijn (NL), Pé Vermeersch (B), Tamayo Okano (J) and many dancers from the Body Weather Laboratories network in Europe and Japan. As a musician, he collaborated a. o. with Marco Barotti (I), Daniel Schorno (CH), Olivier Benoit (F), Nicolas Mahieux (F), Peter Orins (F), David Bausseron (F) and most of the musicians of the experimental music collective Le CRIME in Lille, France.

Also an art and cinema critic, theoretician and teacher, he was a founding member of the audiovisual arts and cultural studies magazine Tausend Augen in 1995, for which he wrote numerous articles until 2005. He also wrote a. o. for Ecorev' and Architecture d'Aujourd'hui, before shifting to fiction writing.

His current projects revolve around the conjunction of literature and music devised in Angel Meat, with a new performance series based on texts by Franz Kafka, Samuel Beckett and William Gibson, and performed on self-made music instruments. Works also on a development of the Dancing on Ashes Hardcore Kunst Cabaret (also created for Angel Meat) with performer Rachel Brooker, and solo music project The Sheroes.

You will find complementary information on http://bertram.dhellemmes.free.fr