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In girum #1 in Dock 11, Berlin, 9>12 August 2007

4 instant composition evenings curated by Real Dance Super Sentai

Schmetterlinge, Sex & Hypochondrie

Ines Birkhan: dance + concept

„Butterflies, sex & hypochondria“ is part of a series of dance works using this title – a personal understanding of how social repression of physicality can be released through performance – in a programmatic way.

"In case of disturbance the catarpillar withdraws its head downwards, curves the chest section spherically up and presents its eye marks…"


Bertram Dhellemmes: music
Helga Wretman: dance

Daniel Keller & Asier Solana: light design

Untitled is an instant composition performance where dance & music are built by mutually founding each other, in a deeply physical and reciprocal manipulation of sound, light, movement and space.

In girum...
9, 10, 11 & 12 August 2007

Dock 11
Kastanienallee 79 10435 Berlin
phone: (004930) 4481222