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4 guitar solos: T. Aumann, Bertram D, Ms Mutt, Torùn in das Werk, Vienna | 2 December 2014

4 guitar solos: T. Aumann, Bertram D, Ms Mutt, Torùn

Tobias Aumann is a guitarist and sound manipulator. He plays the guitar in the Viennese electronic-rock band Neonstream. Since late 2013 his secret passion for noise and experimental music finds expression in the noise/drone duo BOORII. He is also part of the Soft Power Ensemble of Vienna.

Johanna Forster aka MS Mutt (Vienna) has been playing guitar in various formations in the fields of experimental, noise, post-rock and improvised music in the past years. Including Mutt/Mayr/Hackl, with Markus Deutschmann, Soft Power Ensemble of Vienna, MuttTricx..

Bertram Dhellemmes - musician, performer, multimedia artist, stage and video director - plays guitars and electronics. He collaborated with numerous musicians, dancers and new media artists for improvisation and transmedia projects in France, Belgium, Netherlands, Japan, Germany and now in Vienna - and plays also solo. CDs released on label Kinpatsu.

Christoph Weikinger is a musician based in Vienna. He grew up near Linz where he was member of industrial-art-punk collective Nematomorpha. Nowadays he plays guitar in Primordial Undermind and Torùn. His other musical projects include Outer Vertex, Tornado Victory and an acoustic folk band with Uli Rois and Stary Zoo - and he also plays solo.

12 June 2014, 20:00
Das Werk, Spittelauer Lände 12,
Stadtbahnbogen 331, 1090 Vienne