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Soft Power Ensemble of Vienna in Fluc, Vienna | 29 January 2014

The Soft Power Ensemble of Vienna

The Soft Power Ensemble of Vienna was created by members of the Viennese chapter of the Yuri Landman Ensemble, to pursue their own brand of guitar-powered free improv. These musicians - all actively involved in the Viennese rock and impro scenes - gather to further a music based on urgency, intensity, exuberance and electric guitars! 

After Dutch experimental luthier Yuri Landman gathered several musicians from the improvisation / experimental scene in Vienna for a concert of his ever changing Ensemble in October 2013, it would have felt strange to just disband and walk away when there was such obvious potential there. So they invited even more musicians to join and the Soft Power Ensemble of Vienna was born. 

One or two electric guitars are enjoyable, but an electric guitar orchestra is sonic bliss.

Eric Arn (guitar)
Bertram Dhellemmes
Johanna Forster (guitar)
Vincenzo Granato (guitar)
Marcin Ł. Morga (bass)
Diego Mune (guitar)
Pailander (drums)
Markus Reiter (guitar)
Markus Steinkellner (guitar)
Margaret Unknown (guitar)
Christoph Weikinger (guitar)

Praterstern 5 1020 Wien
29 January 2014 - 21h