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Alpiner Exorzismus in Begane Grond Festival, Den Haag, 14 > 18 april 2006

Alpiner Exorzismus

dance video, 2004, DV, 61'
conceived and directed by Ines Birkhan & Bertram Dhellemmes
production Real Dance Super Sentai
with the support of Nadine & Villa Proudhon

In the meadows, in the forests, in the snowfields, on the summits, by the streams dwell and frolic the little people of the Alp mountains and some inflatable orc on its quest for absolute white. A slow burn twisted fairy tale with askew words, songs and dances.

From the contemplation of the alpine landscapes – the last wild space in the old Europe – spring up unexpected characters, as a new pocket mythology for the deserted Alp mountains. Busy with mysterious tasks, accomplishing meticulous rituals, meeting and communicating in their rare dialect, the Kogan (maintainer of the landscape and inspired rhetorician), the Red Highlander (who strides over the mountain paths to connect his people), the Butterfly Lady (whose dances and songs fills the dreams of all) and many more invite us to penetrate their universe, while a tourist wanders in the snow fields, maybe looking for the sea, carrying an improbable inflatable blue orc.

Adopting sometimes the form of a nature documentary (you will learn on the occasion about the spiteful alpine varan), Alpiner Exorzismus is definitely built on a narrative frame – where dance takes the place of action. The Austrian dancer and choreographer Ines Birkhan interprets all the roles, basing her dance and acting on an intimate relation to the alpine landscapes – also the result of a long performing process.

14 > 18 april 2006