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Ophelia Rew., 10 0ctober, Lauffen am Neckar

Ophelia Rew.

Ines Birkhan is dancing the title role in the preview of Norbert Mauk's new piece Ophelia Rew.

Lauffen am Neckar, October 10th.

Ines Birkhan lecture in Kakanien Revisited, October 24

Kakanien Revisited

Ines Birkhan was invited by Kakanien Revisited to give a lecture at a graduate conference for young literature scientists, about the relation between literature and the Internet. For this occasion, she will make a first public presentation of the transmedia project Angel Meat, focusing on its literature dimension.

Place and time: in Filmarchiv / Vienna, 23 - 24th oct. 2009.