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den kreisrunden Todengwalzer tanzen, released on March 19 in Peter Lang Verlag

Den kreisrunden Todengwalzer tanzen

short story and portfolio by Ines Birkhan
Can the reenactment of the Ramayana take place in a gender deprived society (where women can be confused with gazelles) ? What is the role then of the Professor, involved in his quest to a lost fertility as the world has become a toxic waste which ground is too foul to allow human foot to be set on it, and bares only the eerie todeng plants? And is all this happening on or off stage, when dance and choir seem to be part of normal life ?

In Den kreisrunden Todengwalzer tanzen, Ines Birkhan builds a complex and personal universe, based – but not only – on her experience as a dance performer, and interrogations on relations between nature and culture…

Accompanied by essais by Hans-Dieter Klein, Evelin Klein & Ingvild Birkhan.

Peter lang Verlag, Vienna, Reihe Persephone 5, Technikkritik & Ästhetik