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Den kreisrunden Todengwalzer tanzen / a performance by Ines Birkhan / WUK Vienna > 3 December 2005

Den kreisrunden Todengwalzer tanzen

multimedia performance

dance, choreography, text: Ines Birkhan
music, video: Bertram Dhellemmes

den kreisrunden Todengwalzer tanzen is a dance/text performance.
It is a story for coming generations.
I want to tell it to my unborn child.

This performance is constructing a story about
potential future, about the changes of bodies
and their environment, about physicality in our
society, about a system dominated by techno-science.

You could call it a science-fiction story,
a fable or a philosophical tale.


Mythen für die Zukunft 1 / Cabaret Renz Vienna > December 2005

Mythen für die Zukunft 1

3 video installations by Ines Birkhan & Bertram Dhellemmes

Cabaret Renz, Wien, 9>31 December 2005

The 3 video installations composing Mythen für die Zukunft 1 are based on the principle of the video novel, where the multimedia process of combined images, sounds and texts allows an exploration of an ‘extended field of literature’.

They intend to propose a complexity of perception that requires the full involvement of the audience, as well as openness at different intellectual and emotional levels, thus renewing the fundamental experience of reading.

Literature and poetry being the historical main means of myths transmission make writing the proper medium to establish new values and new figures, even those of our technological era.
New medias that were prophesized to endanger writing proved themselves a precious support to it, and their open aesthetics give space to multiplicity of tangent and interlaced experiences.